Oct 14, 2012

Dropping anchor

Today's one of those days when all I need is this:

Over the past six weeks, as I've explored what it means to live abroad, I've been on the lookout for reasons to be thankful.  Gratitude (when I can manage it) has an "anchoring" effect on me; when I don't make a conscious effort to embrace it, I'm liable to spin off in a thousand chaotic directions.

Friends, today's been a spinning-off kind of day.

So before I return to my homework, I'm going to challenge myself to find three reasons to be thankful - three reasons that come specifically from today.  Why today?  Because today has all but worn me out (and it's only 5 pm.  Yikes.)  I'm convinced, though, that there's good hidden away in every day, even a day that's left me this rough around the edges.  (At least, that's what I'd like to believe...if you have other thoughts, do weigh in.)  So, here goes:
  1. time and space, early this morning, for introspection and rest
  2. the South Asian couple from church who a) invited me to their home two weekends from now and b) told me they have an extra guitar that I'm welcome to borrow
  3. the way the cardamom in my tea is quieting a mind that's been racing since 6 am
Whew.  That took far longer than it should have.

I do a lot of talking.  Maybe it's time for me to hush and listen.

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