Nov 19, 2012

An end-of-the-day toast

Here's to that second glass of wine...because a little more Merlot couldn't hurt, right?  (Right.)

Here's to an evening chock-full of the most mundane (read: satisfying) accomplishments - laundry, dishes, and laying out tomorrow's clothes.

Here's to using peppermint tea to ease a heart that now panics on a daily basis.  (I'm thinking that can't be good...)
Here's to a normal-ish weekend spent watching "The Lorax", horsing around with a puppy named Joey who likes to park himself on my feet, and helping to teach a Christmas song in junior church.
Here's Joey!  Isn't he a pretty puppy?

Here's to the watchful friend who cared enough to tell me I was making sense...when I was messy and loud and probably not making any sense at all.

Here's to planning exam study schedules as a way to avoid stillness and get myself organized, all at once.

Here's to baking at sunrise, just because I can.

Here's to memories of wacky summers with my wacky family.

And here, friends, is to 26 days...and counting.


  1. Where is the pictures of me?

  2. Where are the pictures of you, you mean? I have plenty of photos of you, honey bear...