Nov 15, 2012

30 days (give or take a half-hour)

30 days.  In 30 days, I will snuggle under the comforter with my sweet boy.
He wanted to give the snowman a belly button that winter.
In 30 days, I will grab my guitar and we'll sing every single tune on Taylor Swift's new album.  And then we'll tackle Selena Gomez and Bieber and whoever else has gotten popular since I hit Irish soil.

This morning, friends, I'm a little emptied out and hung up to dry.  So to replace the words I don't have, here are some from two friends who've said it better than I could hope to...
  • Leigh at I Don't Know How to Let People Love Me
    • "It comes down to this: I rarely know what I need and I don't want to be an imposition on my friends."
  • Lisa at Journeying Together
    • "And in those moments, I know, all that is required of me is to be there.  To sit beside my friend and just be."

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