Dec 7, 2012

Good heavens, my brain is tired.

Let winter break begin.


For better or worse, I learned and crammed and remembered and wrote as much as I could.  My results won't measure up to my standards, but I've known that for awhile.  Still, I tried and that's all anyone can ask of me - including myself.  Right?

Tomorrow, I'll be spending some time with F, the friend who made me that pretty journal from last weekend.  She's another person whom I'll miss - not just for her delightfully deadpan sense of humor, but also for her honest talk.  She's a straight shooter, F.

What's more is that she keeps dogs.  If you ask me, this is a brave job indeed, no matter how much you love dogs.  Speaking of which...if I may borrow the expression from a dear friend, dogs "warm the cockles of my heart".  So between the puppy-time and the friend-time, this seems like an appropriate way to begin my month-long vacation.

But tomorrow will come soon enough.

For now,

it's naptime.

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