Dec 12, 2012

A travel update and some puppy pictures

The clock is ticking.

My bus ticket to Shannon airport
My first flight (I have a layover in Manchester) leaves at 7 am on Sunday, and there are no buses that leave early enough on Sunday to get me there in time.  So I'll need to take a Saturday bus and camp out overnight in the airport.

I'll probably end up on the 1905; I'm a little too paranoid to bank on the last bus and then, if I miss it, be stranded in Galway.  Better too early than too late, right?

It was like being the kindergarten teacher.
Whoever holds the food holds the power.
Most of the dogs play quite well with one another.
Meet Pippin.  A few minutes after I pulled up a chair to watch the general commotion in the room, he - with no preamble - delighted me by hopping up into my lap.
The lone cat in the place...and you'd think that this would bother Felano.  But, being the proverbial ruler of the roost, he couldn't care less.  The cat's got style.

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