Aug 14, 2012

This road that we travel

Today, my mother took my sister and brother to Dorney Park, a water park near Philadelphia.  It’s great fun – I’ve been there a few times myself, and highly recommend it if you’re up for a road trip.  Speaking of road trips, I was thinking today about the weekend trips that my group will be taking while we’re in Ireland.  These excursions, which are organized by NUIG and linked to the Irish Culture and Society course, will give me a chance to see much of the country.  Here’s the tentative schedule:

Aug 27
Arrive in Shannon and travel to campus
Sept 3
Classes begin
Sept 9
Full-day trip to the Aran Islands
Sept 21-23
Weekend visit to Dublin
Oct 5-7
Weekend visit to Kerry
Oct 19-21
Weekend visit to Cork
Nov 2-4
Trip throughout northern Ireland

I can’t wait to see these places and take lots of pictures…

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